For Filipinos: How You Can Possibly Get an Australian Tourist Visa in 3 days

I know this sounds crazy but I’m still surprised by the fact that my husband and I got our visa granted in only 3 days. No joke, 3 days! The usual service standard time for Filipinos (ETA ineligible) is 1 month. We got really lucky on ours!

So I’d like to share my experience so people who plan to visit the land-down-under have an idea on how to go about the process step-by-step. Again, I am basing this from my own experience.

  • Research online.
    • By saying this means to visit websites, articles, blogs, and forums specifically on how to get an Australian Tourist Visa. I suggest you read something specifically targeted to Filipinos coz these people have already done and experienced the whole process and have done it successfully. Don’t assume you know better just because you think you’re qualified or worse, overqualified. It wouldn’t hurt to get some insight.
    • As for me, I had to make sure I was well informed before even trying to lodge my application because it can actually be overwhelming basing it on Australian Embassy’s website alone. And dude, 135 AUD isn’t cheap at all!
    •  So yes, read up , read up, read up!
  • Create an Immi Account 
    • Your Immi Account is like your personal account with Australia’s Department of Immigration. It’s the department’s front door to their online services.
    • It’s actually very convenient coz you don’t have to go through the hassle of applying through an agency nor even going to the embassy. Moreover, in this day and age, everybody wants to do transactions online.
    • You need to use this account if you’d like to:
      • apply for a visa or citizenship online
      • access the My Health Declarations service
      • continue a saved online application
      • import a paper application (service available for certain visa subclasses only)
      • attach documents to an online or imported paper application
      • update application details online
      • access Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for organisations (organisations accounts only) and LEGENDcom.


  • Start an Application 
    • After creating your ImmiAccount, you can now start your application. On your dashboard, click ‘New Application
    • Choose the Type of Application. Since you’re applying for tourist visa, choose the Category ‘Visitor and click Visitor Visa (600)


    • Make sure to read the terms and conditions before proceeding to the succeeding page.
    • You’ll then be redirected to a 20-page application form that asks for all of your personal information, travel history, and your proposed time of travel to the country.
    • Be honest and consistent. Again, you have to re-assure them  that your only intention is to visit.
    • You don’t necessarily have to fill in the fields in one go. You can save the ones with filled-in information and go back to it once you have the rest of the details finalized.
  • Attach Required Documents
    • Once you’re done fulfilling all the pages, be ready to attach all of the required documents to strongly support your application.
    • My advice is, before even getting to its actual page, be sure all of your documents are all in one folder– complete, numbered and properly labeled.screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-2-15-45-pm
    •  If you have already made your booking with an airline and/or hotel, include it in your attachment even if it’s not required. This will strengthen your application.
    • The limit for each allowable file attachment is 5MB. If you have files bigger than what’s allowed, which happened to me, an option I can recommend is to compress the file through Adobe Photoshop.
    • You cannot proceed to Payment Page if required documents are unattached. If you have supporting documents that you’d like added after lodging your application, that’s doable. There’s an ‘attach document’ option on your application page’s dashboard- so feel free to make use of it. I used did that when I realized I wanted to include my hotel booking  and travel itinerary last minute.
    • Just wanna share:
      • There’s one required document asking for personal assets (land, car). Since I didn’t have any, I just attached my Credit Card Statement just so they know I have good credit standing.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-10-13-44-pm

  • Submit Application
    • Once you’re done reviewing your information and attaching your documents, you can now submit the application and proceed to payment which is the FINAL STAGE.
    • DO NOT submit application if you’re not 101% sure of your answers.
  • Pay the Visa Fee (135 AUD)
    • Yup, you heard it right! Application Fee can be pretty pricey. But if you think about how straightforward and seamless the whole application process is, you’d understand why they charge premium.
    • You’ll be given options to either pay through your credit/debit card or even PayPal account. If you don’t have any of these, have it transacted through someone you know  who has a card then just pay him/her in cash.
    • Once payment is successful, you should be able to receive an acknowledgement letter and receipt on your email. You can also access it in your ImmiAccount.


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.35.23 PM.png

That’s it! When you get these emails, it means that your application is officially lodged and received. So the next step is the most agonizing part which is, the “Waiting Game”.

At first, I was thinking to myself, how can I actually sleep well for the next 30 days? haha! For some reason, there’s just something about Visa applications that make me nervous even if I know I’m a compliant applicant. I’m pretty sure it’s a normal feeling to get a little anxious.

So I was really hoping to get a feedback within 2 weeks coz that’s the minimum number of days I’ve seen based on the blogs/forums I’ve read (for Filipinos, at least).

Little did I know I’d receive mine in 3 freaking days! Isn’t it amazing?! I lodged my application on February 05 and voila! received my grant letter on February 08. The moment I received it, I had such a huge relief and immediately called my husband and asked him to check his on his email. Fortunately, he also received his! Such great news for us both! We can finally plan our upcoming trip this June!

Pondering about it, I thought of the things I think I could have done right for the embassy to grant our applications in such a short period of time.

Here are take-aways and I hope it can help make your experience as painstaking as ours:

  • Be Diligent. Don’t procrastinate. Get things done as soon as possible.
  • Be Honest and Consistent. Again, last thing these consuls want is people trying to cheat the system.
  • Be Organized. Make sure to gather all your documents and label them accordingly before completing your form. Trust me, this will save you from headache.
  • Attach as many supporting documents as possible. Maximum number of attachments allowed is 60. Of course, you have to make sure these documents are pertinent and not redundant.
  • Be as detailed as possible. Make a travel itinerary. I’ve only realized this a day after lodging my application. So I panicked and made sure to do my research on what I wanna do and where I wanna go. Upon completing it, I added it to my attachment. Don’t be scared to add documents even after the application is lodged. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re reassuring them you don’t plan on overstaying.
  • Claim It! Have Faith!  Above all, I’m sure this is the most powerful weapon. Pray that it shall be given to you and it will. 🙂 I prayed for the grant to be my birthday gift and I got it 7 days before my birthday. How cool is that?

So yes, I hope I was able to help you in any way possible. I can’t assure you that the processing time will be as fast as ours but what I’m pretty sure of is, as long as you have all of your requirements covered and your intentions are clear, that is, to just visit the country as a tourist, then,  you shouldn’t really worry about getting denied.

If you have questions, just shoot me a comment. I am more than willing to return the favor!

Good luck and God bless! ❤

My Grant Letter


158 thoughts on “For Filipinos: How You Can Possibly Get an Australian Tourist Visa in 3 days

  1. Hi there! I have read your blog regarding your visa application. I am amaze on how you got your visa in just three days. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am planning to visit australia approximately by the end of april. I am an overseas worker. I am unemployed in phils. I can’t provide payslips or ITR. My boyfriend who is an australian citizen will going to sponsor my trip and he will going to finance everything. He will send me an invitation letter, his bank records, purchased plane tickets back & forths. Do you think I have a big chance to get a visa approval?

    • Hi Maya! If you have all of your required and supporting documents, I don’t think there’s a reason for them to deny your application since you’re making it known that your trip will be sponsored by an Australian Citizen. I suggest that you also send them a copy of your boyfriend’s passport and/or other government ID’s.

      Do you think your employer can provide you with Certificate of Employment at least? Or better yet, an Approval Letter of your vacation leave? Again, the goal is, to reassure them that you have strong ties in the Philippines or the country you currently work in.

      Also, I think one thing I think will be helpful to strengthen your application is a cover letter. Compose one and let them know your only intention is to visit your bf’s country and that you need to go back as you have a contract with your employer since you are working to provide for your family in the Philippines. Of course that’s just an example.

      Just be honest and concise and you should be okay.

      Good luck on your application! Hope you can also update me 🙂

      • Hello Again! I’m in the required docs attachment stage. I’m just wondering where you attached the not required supporting docs? (flight tickets, itinerary). Also, I didn’t encounter a field where I should upload the passport size photo. Did I miss it out somewhere in the application form?

      • Hi Diane! What I did with my supporting documents was that I segmented it and included it under the categories provided.
        Like for instance, I put my tickets and itinerary under ‘Travel Documents’.

        Well actually, there isn’t really a field for passport size photo. I assume they already base it from the front page of your current passport as this already has a photo.

  2. Hi, we are going to Australia on June 2017 and were planning to apply a visa by next week. Do you think its too early for us to apply?

  3. Hello po! Okay lang po ba na walang approved vacation leave form galing sa employer? Kasi online English tutor po kasi ako eh, so hindi sila nagbibigay ng vacation leave form, iniinform ko lang sila if mag leleave ako tapos ayus na at walang form na binibigay. At tsaka po, okay lang po ba na hindi na ipapanotarized yung passport biopage? scanned lang? at tsaka one last question po hehe, okay po bang i attach yung service agrrement (contract) galing sa employer kasama nung certifcate of employment? Sorry po parang naprapraning ako kung saan uunahin ko. Help po.

    • Hi! Will answer your questions in order:

      1) Vacation Leave Form- Sure! Actually, di na rin ako nagprovide ng leave of absence letter. They will understand it naman din basing on your nature of work.
      2) Passport- A scanned copy of your passport biopage will do. No need to notarize.
      3) Service agreement (contract)- Definitely! Better to include it to strengthen your application. The more supporting (relevant) documents, the better.

      Good luck on your application! 🙂

  4. I agree this post is super helpful! Submitted our application last Saturday. Crossing my fingers that it will come out soon so that I can start booking day trips! 🙂

    Again, thanks so much! 🙂

  5. Hi ms. Maritoni, tama po bang dun s mga una attachments kung ano lang hinhingi sa document type. What if po my iba pang evidence type pero di naman un ang document type. di ko po ba muna un i aatach? After payment pa llabas ung option ng ibang documeny type? Tama po ba?nag llodge po kc ako ngyn.

    • Hi Justine. Yung mga ‘not required’ documents/evidence na gusto mo, decide on which category it’s closest to.Di naman sya masyadong mag matter. Assumptions lang din ginawa ko with my other supporting evidences.

      All documents (required and supporting) that need to be submitted are all in one page.

  6. Wohoo! We just got ours and it took only 3 days too! We submitted Feb 25, between 4-5PM and we got the grant notification 2PM today 🙂

    Apply already guys! Visa processing seem to be quick nowadays 🙂

    • Hi Maritoni and Dianne(when you said “ours”, I assume that your application was for you and your family?),

      We are applying as a family. Do we have to have separate Immiaccounts and application for me, my husband, and our 2 kids, or is there some means where we can apply as 1 as a family. Thank you

      • Hi Emily! Unfortunately, you have to have separate Immi Accounts even if you are traveling as a family. Don’t worry though, coz they’ll be still be able to trace that you are traveling altogether as there’s a part on the application that asks for the names people you are traveling with.

        Pretty sure you’ll be able to receive your grant all on the same day.

        Good luck guys! 🙂

  7. Hello!

    I actually filed all our applications in one IMMI account. I just kept on adding “New Application” and new forms appear. I even created a group to note that everyone is travelling together. You’ll get prompted to create a group first time you go through the form and you can pick the same group tagging for the rest of the travelling companions.

    • Hi maritonimasblanco & Dianne.
      I plan to use one immi account for my family / group we are traveling together and i’m funding my two daughters travel because they are still student but over 18 years old. I have concern how about attaching documents. Do I need to attached supporting documents per applicant? Can I pay all applications at the same time or I have to pay per applicant.


      • Yes, you have to attach supporting documents per applicant; regardless if it applies to all or not. For the payment, you are also ought to pay separately. Good luck on the application 🙂

  8. I guess that’s what i did differently which worked as well 🙂

    I also noticed that you can “Copy” or create a duplicate application if you don’t want to fill it all out again. I didn’t do this though because i wanted to be sure of the details. I didn’t mind filling it out 4 more times 🙂 (FYI there are 5 of us travelling)

    I also noted my email address in the visa communication portion so i got all the grant notices in my email.

    • Hi Ms Toni and Dianne, we are travelling as a family, but in my case i don’t have personal assets (land, car, credit card). I’m employed and have COE, payslip, 2316 etc.. yung personal assets lang talaga. Now, im going to make my parents as my support. Is it required to attach a “Affidavit of Support” may nabasa kasi akong ganun pero di ko alam kung paano gumawa non or san makakakuha non. Is it okay to attach nalang my father’s business documents, banks and my mom’s credit card? Thanks

  9. Hi again! Do you think 40 or 50k in your bank statement is ok? and I’m talking bout not having the tickets yet. In your opinion do you think that much can get an approval? 🙂

    • To be honest, I don’t think I can answer that question. I’m not sure about the specific amount of money you need on your account. But I think the general guideline is, have enough money to cover your expenses while you’re there. It would probably help you if you have a little bit more. 🙂

  10. Again super hello po lol. Kailangan po ba tlang i fill up yung personal assets at dapat may documents? Di po pwedeng i leave blank? Wala po kasi akung credit card statement or personal assets. Yung parents ko lang po meron. Pwede kaya yung credit card statement ng mother ko as support?

    • Hi Aerrah! Di ka kasi pwedeng mag go through yung application to the next page pag may blank na caregory sa asset. Well, kung wala ka talagang malalagay, maybe the best option would be your parents’ assets nalang. 🙂

      • Do i need an affidavit of support or my parents assets po? Or pati cguro bank statement pwede sa kanila rin. Para sila na lang yung patunay na may funds ako papuntang australia instead of my bank statement po?

  11. As my parents are gonna sponsor my trip and that there will be an affidavit of support. Anu po kaya yung ibang supporting documents? besides affidavit of support and personal assets nila? Okay lang po ba na instead of my bank statement ang sa kanila na lang yung ilalagay ko? Since sila lang din naman ang mag susuport so no need na yung bank statement ko?

  12. Mga sis. Ano kapag may online business pero wala registration? san sya ppatak. Unemployed or self employed..wala kasing supporting docs ung sa online business.

  13. Hi all! Just wanna thank this very helpful blog of Ms. Toni and for all the helpful comments that shared their experience. Our tourist visa was also granted in 2 days!! submitted Monday night (March 6) and got the grant notice at noon today. So happy shortened ang kaba sa paghihintay ng result. 🙂

  14. Hi Maritoni, Good day!
    *Should I include my daughter’s birth certificate to strengthen my family ties even if she’s not coming with me?
    *Should I submit both Bank Certificate and Bank Statement? I think okay naman balance ko but worry ko kasi wala ako masyadong transactions (deposits) for the last 3 months, naisip ko baka mas okay kung bank certificate nlng.
    *Is it okay not to submit Employment Contract? Just company ID, payslips, ITR and COE
    Thank youuuuuuu :*

    • Hi Pink!

      Will reply in order:
      1) Yes. If you think it will help, include it in your supporting documents. Also, I suggest that you write a cover letter so intentions to come back is clearer.
      2) Bank Certificate will do. That’s what my husband and I submitted.
      3) Sure! I myself didn’t include my employment contract.

      Good luck on your application! 🙂

  15. Thanks, Toni! Another question pala there’s no passport ID pic required to be attached right? Do you have an itinerary already (things to do, places to visit, etc.) I would appreciate if you could share it to us 🙂

  16. Hi, your blog is very helpful 🙂 confirm ko po sana if ni-require po sa inyo ang x ray? Nabasa ko lang din kasi na all visa dadaan po dito? Thank you po

  17. Hi po! sa travel documents po, hindi pa po ako nag oout sa country ever and this is my first time. Wala namanng stamp yung passport. Scan ko lang po lahat ng pages at ipasa yun? wala talagang stamp eh or past travels.

  18. Hi ms. Maritoni thank u po s blog nyo sobra mlaking tulong pra s mga gusto mag apply ng visa sa australia. Plan po nmin mag asawa mag apply po ng tourist visa s australia ang tanong ko po kung parehong documents b nmin ang iaattach s application since mag asawa nmn kmi. Thank u po..and godbless😍

    • Hi Angelei. I’m glad you find my blog helpful. 🙂

      For Australian Visa Application, you still have to apply individually even if you’re married. Although may part sa application that asks for the person/s you are gonna travel with. 🙂

  19. Hi Ms. Maritoni,

    Im on the process of gathering all necessary documents for my family, three of us. We already have plane tickets booked as early as Oct. 2016 (Cebu Pac Promo); it was a gift to us by my sister-in-law who is an Australian Citizen and our travel date will be on July 1-15, 2017.

    My questions are:

    1. When is the best time to apply? Is first week of May okay? Because we still need to gather some more funds for our bank docs 🙂
    2. My husband’s middle name in his passport differs to his other documents like COE, Bank docs, etc.(DFA followed what was written in his birt certificate). Will it affect his visa application?
    3. Me and my husband are both employed. His COE indicated his annual compensation and mine don’t have. Do we still need to provide payslips?
    4. Is a scanned copy of my son’s school registration/enrollment a strong proof of our ties here in the Philippines?

    • Hi Mitchoy. Will answer your questions in order:

      1. When is the best time to apply? Is first week of May okay? Because we still need to gather some more funds for our bank docs 🙂

      – You can apply as early as now. Just to share, my husband and I are scheduled to leave this June and we started our application last February. 🙂

      2. My husband’s middle name in his passport differs to his other documents like COE, Bank docs, etc.(DFA followed what was written in his birt certificate). Will it affect his visa application?

      – hmm. To be safe, I suggest that you consult a lawyer or ask for an Affidavit of One and the Same Person and have it notarized.

      3. Me and my husband are both employed. His COE indicated his annual compensation and mine don’t have. Do we still need to provide payslips?

      – You can provide your payslips if that’s the only thing you can provide. Maybe you can also include a photo of your company ID.

      4. Is a scanned copy of my son’s school registration/enrollment a strong proof of our ties here in the Philippines?

      – Well it could be. But there’s a portion in the application asking if there are members of your family unit who are not traveling to Australia with you. There you can input your son’s name; that way, they’ll see that you have strong ties in the Philippines.

      • Thanks for the reply Ms. Maritoni!

        Will do the Affidavit of One and the Same Person and scanned copy of our Company Ids 🙂

        My son will be travelling to us to Sydney ma’am; three of us 🙂

  20. Hi! This blog is really helpful. Just a question regarding invitation letter, do you think its ok if my husband’s employer will be the one to send an invitation/sponsorship letter to us? We dont have close relatives in australia. My husband is currently having his fellowship training in one of the hospitals in brisbane and we (me and my 3 kids) would like to visit him this july. 🙂

    • Hi Ivy! That would be really helpful. 🙂 I also suggest that for your case, create a Cover Letter stating that you are invited by your husband’s employer to visit while your husband is undergoing training.

      • Yay! Thanks!!! I always drop by your blog whenever im confused with the process. Ive got one dilemma though, im currently unemployed because i have to attend to my three kids. Hope the letter and bank statement would suffice? Ive only traveled to China and Hk with my husband and 2kids. Anyway, in creating an immiaccount, have you encountered readings about how to make an account for minors? What email add should i put? And what documents as well. Thanks so much!!!!!! God blessnnn

  21. Hello po nakapasa na po ako ng application and na pay ko na po pero ang weird kasi complete naman ng documents ko at wala akung iniwan na kahit na anung blank lalo na sa may exclamation marks na nagsasabi na required talaga.. Tapos and sabi sa huli nung ipapasa ko na is “Give details as to why the applicant will not be providing attachments prior to lodging this application.” Normal po ba yan? na submit ko naman lahat ng required eh. Nag provide na lang ako ng reply na I have submitted all of the required documents and if there is any issues please contact me via email. Ma experience nyo po ba yun?

      • Actually naka pay na po ako at nag went through naman po yung application ko, pero ang weird talaga na ganun yung sinabi. Na redirect naman po sa attachment page pero wala naman akung na left out eh, lahat nga po merong at least one attachment and even more. Ang weird lang kasi nag pop out yun tsaka nag reply lang ako sa question tapos nag went through ako sa payment.

  22. Hi. Nag apply ako last year sad 2 say twice ako na refused.
    Plano ko may apply ulit this year okay lang ba hwag ko na I submit ang refusal ko ? 1st apply ko ex boyfriend ko sponsor tapos second joint sponsor sila ng boyfriend ko now pero nag apply ako hindi pa kame nagkikita sa personal pero now two times nasiya umuwi ng pinas.

    Pahelp naman po. (AGent po gamit namin before) mahal po sobra first po 25k then 2nd 30k po binayad namin pero refused padin )

    Thank you po.

  23. Hello! Very useful write-up on Australian Visa application! For the credit card statement, did you attached just the topsheet (credit card summary) only or everything? Thank you!

  24. Hi there, Just want to confirm if you did not submit any notarized documents? Just wanna ask kasi parang wala na akong time magpa notarize 😀

  25. hi ms. maritoni! 🙂 been reading your blog since last month and i’m about to lodge in my application today, i’m just confused with the personal info page. it says name that appears on your passport but no field asking for middle name. did you omit your middle name or did you just include with your given name? thank you so much 🙂

  26. Hi, ask ko lng if ksma ko daugther ko, need ba sa immi act separate kmi? kc ng fill up sinama ko sya dun pero hindi ako sure if mgka hiwalay kami, and sa payment hiwalay din ba? Please help thanks

  27. Hi, Ms. Maritoni!
    Read your blog. Thank you! It was very informative.
    Mam, ask ko lng, I’m applying visa a for July 2017 booked flight. I’ve booked it for me my husband and two kids (16, 18).
    My question is, we have an office that doesnt make much currently but we do have assets like properties and other bank accounts. However, I will be the one filling up the online application (for the kids and my husband’s too.) I’m a housewife with no current documents, although I am part of the office company setup (no itr, my husband is the one filing his). Technically, I only have some money in the bank, credit card (with an okay credit line and standing), a car registered under my name. I’m inclined to put HOUSEWIFE under the ” OTHERS, please specify.” , kc hindi ko know kung unemployed ba tawag sa aking (lol) which I am right now given that there is nothing going for me.
    As proof of financial capacity, under my husbands name lang yung available ko as he makes deposits under his name. But he can’t do the forms himself and I want na ako n lng yung magintindi din ng mga docs given I have the role of booking everything anyways.
    Question: How will you go about this if it were you?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay in response. Was very busy the past few weeks that I couldn’t find time to check my blog or reply to questions. Hmm. If I were you, write a cover letter stating that you will be traveling as a family and that your kids are tagging along. Then add on your supporting documents your husband’s proof of capacity. What will also help are your assets under your name.

  28. Hi! Since i’m unemployed and my husband will be the one funding for our trip, and just a letter of invitation from an australian contact(his boss) should i include my husband’s itr? Thanks

  29. Hi Ms. Maritoni!

    It me again! 🙂

    We started attaching documents na po. San po kaya pwede i-attach yung mga docs under evidence of ties in the Philippines like school reg of my son, pictures with our relatives, etc.?

  30. Hi! I’m on the process of completing the requirements for Australian Tourist Visa as well. Thanks for the tips Ms. Maritoni, your blog is of great help. I’ll update you with the result of my application. *fingers crossed*

      • Hello again Ms. Maritoni!
        Received my visa grant notice today yohoo! I lodged my application last Friday, May 19th and I got the result after 2 working days, awesome! Simple rules that I had in mind in completing my documents are diligence, honesty and consistency of data. May konting sipsip din sa DIBP- nilagay ko sa closing ng cover letter ko “looking forward to experiencing why ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ ” Kasi nga tourism tagline nila yon hehe 🙂 Whew! Excited much! Thanks for the tips again Ms. Maritoni! More Power!

  31. Hi! Just wanted to ask po if the online account is per person basis? Meaning if there’s 3 of us in the family traveling, would they also need to create their own account or i can just apply for them as well? 🙂 Super helpful article by the way!! 🙂

  32. Hi Ms. Maritoni!

    Just to give you an update: we receive our visa just this morning, yehey!!! 🙂 We lodged it May 17, 9pm and receive it May 19, 11am. Less than 2 days!:)

    Maraming salamat dahil malaking tulong ang blog mo. More power to you Madam!!!

  33. hi sis , may idea po kayo if partner visa aapply ko, at meron ako marriage contracta ano p kya kailangan? at ilan months kya approval?any idea mga sis. thanks

    • you have to check the Australian Embassy website for Spouse Visa requirements. you’ll need to have medical examination from an accredited clinic/hospital. then would take 9 months to 1 year cos they’ll be checking authenticity of your relationship with your partner 🙂

  34. Hello Miss Maritoni,
    Thank you for this very informative blog. I have a question though, Australian citizen yung boss ng bf ko and he invites us over to visit him sa Australia,all expenses covered from accommodation, and flight tickets..I dont have work, nor any bank account to sustain a bank certificate..wala din po akong personal assets..Will that hinder my visa application even if my bf’s boss naman will pay for our vacation?

  35. Hello Ms. MAritoni!

    Thank you for your blog. It helps a lot but I have a question, since in the application is required 3 months to 6 months stay what if I only opt to stay there for a month where can I put that information?

    I am planning to pay a urprise visit to my boyfriend on his birthday but the application is requiring a person to visit, paano yon sis?

    • Hi Ria,

      You are not required to be there for 3-6 months. That length is just the default number of days the embassy allows for tourists.

      Hmm. That’s quite challenging since a letter of invitation from your your boyrfriend would be very helpful to strengthen your application.

  36. hi sis, sa tourist visa pg pasok immigration d2 sa atin at sa australia, ano hahanapin na documents?please pa fly n kmi anak nextweek thanks.

  37. hello!

    gusto ko lang itanong paano kung nagtratrabaho ako dito sa Pilipinas as a freelance designer? considered narin po ba siya as self employed? paano po kung wala akong supporting details for it? like business registration since freelance lang naman po ako?

  38. hi sis, if tourist visa tpos sponsor ng bf ko, pg paalis na ako hhnapan pba ako ng show money sa immigration d2 sa atin at sa OZ? need help kc paalis na ako,

  39. Hi ms maritoni! I got my visitor visa in 3 working days! Your blog really helped a lot! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and tips! God bless you!!

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